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Blog Posts

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Blog posts are one of the more simple text services X Copywriters can provide clients. Whether you want us to write about porn scenes, webcam models, category fetishes or miniature reviews, we’ll do our best to understand your topic and provide the content you need. Ordering blog posts from us always come with a satisfaction guarantee – if our material is not up to scratch, don’t pay!

Keyword Density

Any good porn blog post writer would know that keyword density is a reasonably important aspect of the text they produce. In general, we focus on the main keyword of your site and mention it 2 to 3 times, with similar phrases being used elsewhere in the text to keep Google in check. Because all of our adult blog post writing is done in an original fashion (no spinning, no snippet stealing, etc.), we treat keywords organically and maintain a reasonable density of language that reads well and stays relevant to the topic.

Heavy Quantity

We understand that most blog orders are based on a desire to give search engines as much information to digest as possible. As such, we work on a quantity-based writing service where we can provide you with a heavy collection of material that you can publish on a regular basis. In the past, X Copywriters has provided clients with anywhere from 10 100-word posts per week through to one project where 50 150-word descriptions were required on a daily basis. Given our history of taking on large projects, X Copywriters is a perfect studio for your next big porn network.

Get in touch with us today with your blog writing project and our team will deliver the results you need in a timely, professional manner.