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Definition: the spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations.

At X Copywriters, we hate average. We’re allergic to it.

See, X Copywriters doesn’t want to just be an option, it wants to be the solution. Whenever anyone uses our services, we want them to be so impressed with what we offer that when it comes to future projects, they don’t even have to think about where it’s going to be outsourced: it’s assumed X Copywriters will be the ones producing the text.

Here are two example emails we might encounter:

What we want
Re: Finished Order

Hey, just finished reading through the project. You nailed it first time! This is exactly what we wanted. Thanks for getting it to us on such a tight deadline too: we know how busy things can get and appreciate you going out of your way to deliver this with such short notice. I actually just finished talking to my team and we have a big project that we’re set to finalize the details of in a few days. Make sure you clean up the schedule, because the work is coming straight your way! We’re really looking forward to working with you in future.

Thanks again!

What we don’t want
Re: Finished Order

Hey, just finished reading through the final draft you sent. There were a few changes that needed to be done, but I got someone in our office to handle it. Don’t worry about handing it in a few days late: we know how busy things can get. With regard to future work, I might contact you later in the week with a few things we need done. We’re still consulting with a few different companies and plan to make a decision in the next couple of days about we who think is best for the project. We’ll let you know if we think you’re right for the task.

Thanks again!

The bottom line is really simple: X Copywriters isn’t flaky, X Copywriters isn’t non-responsive. We’re passionate and motivated.

We’re about  project updates, suggestions, accurate time frames, the benefit of the doubt and above all else, excellent text.

We go out of our way to provide the best service every time. Lots of companies say ‘satisfaction guaranteed’; we mean it.

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